UNIX is a tailor-made tabletop platform. And unlike other platforms you might be familiar with that you get from ready-made or limited choices of designed furniture, this unique customisation gives you your choice of tabletop just like you imagine.

    "The name is quite fitting since UNIX simply means uniquely yours."

    Designing Your UNIX Furniture





    Choose Your Table Type.

    Start off by choosing the type of
    tabletop you would like to design.
    Side table, Coffee table or Dining table.

    Design Your Tabletop.

    With our easy to use product visualiser, you can simply change your tabletop colors, matches it with different base and choose your profile edges
    before you add to cart.

    Checkout Securely.

    We use PCI level 1 compliant for credit card processing which means that it adheres to the highest standards of server compliance.

    Materials for TOP:

    • Quartz,
    • Granite or
    • Terrazzo
    • More than 60 colour selections

    Materials for TABLE FRAME:

    • Metal base
    • Sandy Black Coating
    • Higher scratch resistance
    • Comes in different shapes and sizes

    Our Promise To You

    Whether you want to make a nice coffee table, design a dining table
    or shape your emerging ideas, work with us and let's work magic together!
    Because we believe every home has their own uniqueness, happiness, comfort, mood and romance.

    Here's why UNIX is born:
    Our mission is to help you originate your table top just like you've imagined.
    We’re committed to giving you the total package: exceptional customer support, transparency, and confidence.

    Our customers are our roots.

    We’ve built UNIX by bringing our customers the very best of everything. Along with our easy to use platform and product visualiser, we’ve created tons of tabletop material guides so you can choose the right material and colours for your home, even before your purchase.

    Beyond creation, our mission is to inspire personalization and empowering you to originate your tabletop just like you've imagined. Our customers are the center of everything we do. Like a best friend, we dedicate ourselves to being there for you, all the time.

    Why UNIX? 

    We’re committed to bringing you the best, always.
    High quality and made to perfection, we make loving your UNIX table top easy!


    "We're here to help you originate your tabletop
    just like you imagine."


    Inspiring creation and origination.

    UNIX was born because we believe every home has its own uniqueness, happiness, comfort, mood and romance. Thus, we are committed to help you originate your tabletop in a way just like you imagined.

    At UNIX, we are dedicated in bringing  you more options for colours, materials, shapes and sizes. Right now our products expand from Quartz surfaces to Granite and Terrazzo. With more than 60+ tabletop colours and 16 models of sandy brush steel legs to choose from, we make it easier, fun and the creation of your UNIX furniture so lovable.  

    As we continue to grow, we’ve stayed true to our initial vision, using premium quality materials for thousands of home owners to build their own UNIX furniture.

    Step inside our factory

    Learn about how and where our products are made