Transparency is important to us.

    Quality sourced, Uniquely made.

    We believe in creating premium products, providing unbeatable customer service and transparency.
    Step inside our factories and learn more about how and where our products are made.

    Two Factories, One Product.

    UNIX furniture are made with two factories:
    (1) UNIX's stone fabrication facilities that customise your UNIX furniture top in Singapore and alongside with our partner's
    (2) metal fabrication factory in China who produce UNIX's high quality table leg that finishes in sandy black coating.

    We use excellence stone material such as Quartz, Granite and Terrazzo, which are beautiful and durable
    to prolong the lifespan of your table top. Our quality control team work meticulously to select only the finest raw material in a unidirectional fashion.
    This process ensures that our materials are in good quality and consistent even before we start our fabrication.

    Our Prices

    We are a direct-to-consumer company, allowing us to pass the savings on to you! As a leading countertop brand, we produce a high volume of countertop each year, giving us the benefit of greater economies of scale. The result? Premium quality table top without the luxury price tag!

    Our Fabrication & Packaging

    Environmental consideration is top of mind at UNIX. Our fabrication facilities uses a filtration and recycled water system to reduce water waste. Your goods are packaged in a recyclable box. It is durable and elegant, our packaging is designed to be reused.

    The Factories

    Transparency is important to us. From ethically sourced materials
    to consistency in our work, care for the environment
    and our communities is at the heart of what we do.

    UNIX full-fledged stone fabrication facility is located at Marsiling Industrial, Singapore. Over 16 years of workmanship experience, our stone mason and installer exceed the industrial standards.

    We have a team of dedicated staff to oversee your items are in good hand. From material fabrication to delivery and installation, we are committed to bring you the best. 

    Located in Guangdong city, Guangzhou, China, our metal fabrication partner has all the right attributes: it utilises spacious facilities, modern methods, provides comfortable conditions and convenience for the local communities.

    UNIX dedicated staff work alongside with the factory quality managers to monitor all production processes for compliance with rigid standards of quality. From as early as working on the sketch of your table leg design to the finish product. 


    Committed to finding a factory partner that aligned with our values, we spent 6 months tirelessly auditing a total of 11 factories before finalising on 4 selections. From the initial visit, we were immediately impressed by their honesty, workmanship and solution to a problem. 


    From sourcing our materials to curating our signature shades, we strive for excellence every step of the way. Our hair is sourced directly from verified distributors who have a long-standing reputation for ethically sourcing quality human hair. All hair is sold or exchanged freely and fairly.


    Established in 2009, the owner of the factory brings a decade of expertise in manufacturing furniture hardware.

    Having their in-house design, development and production team makes working with them easy and rewarding.

    Focus on product quality, the factory implement advanced production machinery. Producing high-end quality at a reasonable price.